In the evolving world of medical technology, it’s crucial to never lose sight of the human element. At EPIOM, our philosophy revolves around seamlessly merging the latest tech advancements with compassionate patient care. Serving the San Antonio region and beyond, our core values dictate our every move, ensuring every patient feels valued and protected.

IONM San Antonio

For nearly 20 years, we’ve stood as a beacon in neuromonitoring. But what does this mean for our patients? It means that during some of the most crucial moments in the operating room, we’re there, providing real-time insights to safeguard a patient’s neurological well-being. Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end there. With the introduction of online remote monitoring, we’ve taken a significant leap forward. Now, our board-certified Neurologists can oversee and interpret data from anywhere, ensuring no patient is ever without top-tier expertise during their procedure.

However, the machines and tech are just tools. It’s our team, driven by a passion for patient care, that truly sets us apart. We believe that every individual, regardless of the procedure’s complexity, deserves our full attention. This means continuously updating our skills, always staying at the forefront of neurophysiological monitoring developments. Our focus on continuing medical education ensures that our staff is always equipped with the most recent knowledge.

Costs are a concern for many when it comes to medical services. But at EPIOM, we’ve found a balance. By being cost-attentive, we offer competitive services without compromising on the quality patients expect and deserve. Learn more by contacting us today for a consultation:

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