Whether it‘s neurosurgery, vascular surgery, ENT, interventional radiology, or orthopedic surgery, there are risks involved which need to be mitigated as much as possible. In order to reduce the chances of complications, surgeons can now utilize advanced intraoperative neuro monitoring. In San Antonio, we at EPIOM are hard at work ensuring our neuro monitoring solutions continue to lead the way in improving surgical outcomes.

Neuro Monitoring San Antonio

If your San Antonio area surgical team or hospital is lacking in intraoperative neuro monitoring solutions, then it’s time to consider how EPIOM can help. We are a physician-directed JOINT commission certified organization with a Board-certified clinical staff dedicated to excellence in intraoperative neuro monitoring. We are here to help our clients in San Antonio, and with our state-of-the-art monitoring equipment along with top-quality monitoring expertise, we can provide much greater peace of mind for surgeons and their patients. Our clients can also rely on our patient-driven approach and attention to cost-effectiveness.

If you’re searching for an improved neuro monitoring solution, then choose gold standard intraoperative neuro monitoring solutions in San Antonio from EPIOM. Learn more today about our history of innovative solutions, how we improve surgical outcomes in San Antonio, and how we can help you by browsing through our EPIOM website, https://epiomneuro.com. If you have any questions regarding our advanced intraoperative neuro monitoring solutions or how we can assist your San Antonio area surgical team, then please call us today or you can use our website contact form.