If you’re helping to manage a hospital or are a physician in San Antonio whose procedures may affect the patient’s nervous system, then It’s important to learn more about the use of IONM in San Antonio (intraoperative neuromonitoring) and how IONM services can help improve the quality of surgical procedures and thus ensure a more positive outcome and better chance for a healthier patient.

Surgery Monitoring San Antonio

IONM, when used correctly, will help to improve the patient’s outcome by carefully monitoring and assessing the functional status of nervous tissue. With this information, you or your surgeons can perform a safer surgical procedure and in cases, more thorough procedure, which benefits all involved in the surgery. If your hospital or you yourself are not utilizing IONM or perhaps need a superior IONM solution in San Antonio, then we at EPIOM can provide you with the professional IONM services needed to improve surgical procedures and patient outcomes.

Learn more today about how the use of IONM in San Antonio can help you, your hospital, and your patients. You can learn more about intraoperative neuromonitoring and why we at EPIOM are the right choice for IONM in San Antonio when you browse through our website, https://epiomneuro.com. If you have any questions about our range of IONM solutions, then please contact us directly by phone or fill out and submit the simple contact form found on our website.