At EPIOM, we are proud to be the leading provider of IONM in San Antonio, ensuring the highest standard of patient care during complex surgeries for nearly 20 years. Our team, led by skilled physicians and staffed with board-certified clinical professionals, specializes in the critical practice of surgical neuromonitoring.

Our mission is to blend our deep-rooted knowledge with the latest advancements in neurophysiological monitoring, which allows us to protect our patients’ neurological integrity during surgery. By focusing on IntraOperative Neurophysiological Monitoring, we can closely observe and respond to the neurological function of patients in real-time. This vigilant approach helps us reduce the risk of post-operative complications.

Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art online remote monitoring services, managed by board-certified neurologists, set us apart in the San Antonio area and beyond. It’s not just about having cutting-edge technology; it’s how we use it to serve our patients and the community. By providing continuous education to our staff, we stay ahead of developments in our field, ensuring that we offer the most up-to-date care possible.

At EPIOM, patient safety is our top priority. Our cost-attentive methods mean we are constantly seeking ways to deliver care efficiently without compromising quality. We understand the complexities of neuro monitoring, especially during procedures that pose potential risks to a patient’s nervous system. With our services, hospitals can expect a superior level of support, from evaluating cerebral functions to swiftly addressing any issues that arise during surgery.

As we continue to extend our reach, offering unparalleled IONM services nation-wide, we remain dedicated to our mission of excellence in the realm of neuro monitoring. With EPIOM, patients and healthcare providers in San Antonio have a partner they can trust for outcomes that lead to better health and peace of mind. Learn more at: