For nearly 20 years, we at EPIOM have stood as the leading name in IONM in San Antonio. Our expertise has been a cornerstone in surgeries that involve significant risk to our patients’ nervous systems. We pride ourselves on being a physician-led organization, which means we make decisions that are in the best interest of patient care and surgical outcomes.

Intraoperative Neuro Monitoring

Our commitment to surgical neuromonitoring is unwavering, as our board-certified clinical team works tirelessly to ensure the highest standards are met. We believe that by offering top-tier IONM services, we can significantly reduce surgical risk and improve the likelihood of a successful recovery for our patients.

In our quest to provide unmatched service, we utilize cutting-edge remote monitoring technology. This allows our board-certified neurologists to offer their expertise from anywhere, ensuring that no detail is missed during critical surgical procedures. We maintain that a well-monitored surgery is a safer surgery.

Being patient-driven and cost-aware, we focus on delivering value to both our patients and their healthcare providers. Our efforts to continuously educate our clinical staff not only keep us at the forefront of neuro monitoring advancements but also reinforce our commitment to offering refined, cost-effective monitoring options.

The suite of services we offer encompasses various procedures that could jeopardize neurological health. With EPIOM’s IONM solutions, surgeons receive the information they need when they need it, allowing for timely interventions and ultimately better care for the patient.

We have nurtured a reputation for excellence within the San Antonio community and beyond. As we expand our reach nationally, we remain steadfast in our mission to provide superior IONM services. We understand the challenges faced in the operating room, and we’re here to meet them with reliable, patient-focused solutions. In San Antonio and wherever our services take us, our promise is clear: patient safety and surgical excellence will always be our top priorities. Contact us today for a consultation: