When it comes to Neuro Monitoring in San Antonio, you want only the best.  At EPIOM, we work with the best surgeons and anaesthesiologists in the San Antonio area to improve the outcomes for patients because we carefully assess the functional status of nervous tissue, including spinal column tracts, eloquent brain regions, and peripheral nerves.

San Antonio Neuro Monitoring

IONM is a powerful tool that provides early warning feedback to the surgical team concerning the sensory and motor function of the spinal cord and cauda equina. It has become a standard of care for many procedures. IONM can be helpful in clarifying anatomical structures that have been distorted by degenerative disease, congenital anomalies, revision surgery, tumors, or inflammatory processes that may obscure normal anatomic relationships and surgical landmarks. IONM allows surgeons to improve surgical outcomes and reduce incidences of post-operative neurophysiological deficits by over 50%.

At EPIOM, our teams work alongside the surgical crew and anaesthesiologists, providing more successes in the surgical operating room.  Neuro monitoring in San Antonio by EPIOM allows for the most successful patient outcomes.  During procedures our team constantly monitors information that our neuro monitoring tests provide, allowing us to alert the surgeon, doctors, and nurses if there are any potential problems or changes.  We proudly provide the best equipment, staff, and care when it comes to neuro monitoring in San Antonio, contact us at our website https://epiomneuro.com today if you have questions or would like more information.

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