Technology continues to march forward, helping us to live longer, healthier, better lives. Intra operative neuro monitoring is one such technological advancement which remains indispensable for surgeons and their patients across the country. No matter where your hospital or clinic is located or the type of surgery performed, intra operative neuro monitoring can help to increase the odds of the most successful possible outcome.

Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring

Whether you’re a surgeon, hospital executive, or patient planning to undergo a surgery in which the nervous system could be affected, advanced intra operative neuro monitoring service can provide an added layer of safety. Here at EPIOM, we are hard at work each day, making sure our intra operative neuro monitoring solutions remain best-in-class. We know that our solutions make a difference in the operating room, and by adding our solutions, surgeons and patients can look forward to a significant reduction in chances for complications.

Apart from our monitoring equipment, our intra operative neuro monitoring solutions also come with some of the best monitoring professionals in the industry. With our tailored IONM solutions, you can increase the odds and feel much safer before, during, and after the surgery. Learn more about how we continue to make an impact for surgeons and patients by browsing through our EPIOM website, If you have any questions about how we can help you, then please contact us today by phone or through our website contact form.