It is always the goal of hospitals to save as many lives as possible, and at the heart of any hospital is a surgical staff whose goals are always to have the best interests of their patients at heart.  With EPIOM by your side, this goal becomes much more obtainable with state-of-the-art IONM neuromonitoring services.  IONM is cutting-edge equipment that runs on specialized software that is designed to reduce patient risk and increase favorable outcomes in surgery.  With IONM in your San Antonio Hospital, you’ll know that you are providing your surgical staff everything that they need to give their patients the highest quality of care, and every opportunity for success.

Neuro Monitoring San Antonio

With IONM in your San Antonio Hospital, provided by EPIOM, you can rest assured that our professionalism and quality services will improve patient outcomes.  The IONM technology is helpful in both simple and complex surgeries that involve the brain, spinal cord, or nervous system.  The intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring services that EPIOM provides allow for real-time monitoring of data that allows surgeons to be provided with all of the information they need to prevent damage to neuro pathways or nerve systems during an operation.

Our clients are passionate about the care that they provide to their patients, and we are passionate about providing them with the best cutting edge-technology in the field, as well as quality staff who are dependable, knowledgeable, and experienced in neuromonitoring.  It is our privilege to be the trusted partner you can depend on to work alongside your surgical staff.  If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to browse our website, to get the answers to any questions you may have.  You can also feel free to call us at any time, we’re happy to provide you with the solutions you’re looking for.