Do you have neuromonitoring needs?  At EPIOM your health is our top priority, regardless of whether you are a patient who needs monitoring during brain surgery, or a physician who requires neuromonitoring in the operating room, our San Antonio team is here for you.  We can help in all of the following ways:

  • Neuromonitoring for Surgery – improving patient outcomes during surgery is our main goal, especially when it involves the brain and spinal cord. This is accomplished with EPIOM of San Antonio providing intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) services to any patient, doctor, or hospital that requires it.
  • Skilled Neuromonitoring Staff – Our professional staff are very skilled at using the latest technology and equipment that is available so that we are able to monitor the neurological responses of our patient, allowing us to provide data in real-time to physicians and specialists in the operating room. This information allows surgeons the ability to repair nerves and avoid them when necessary.
  • Neuromonitoring in the Operating Room – When you need the best team in your OR, EPIOM of San Antonio is the only option. We use state-of-the art monitoring equipment, software, and staff to help ensure patient outcomes during surgery.  Our clients deserve the best, so we pair technology and education with training and passion to provide the best neuromonitoring information to surgical teams in the operating room.

Intraoperative Neuro Monitoring

EPIOM of San Antonio works with surgical teams and anaesthesiologists to provide the best possible outcomes in the operating room, as well as the best possible patient outcomes.  We’re here for you, and we care.  Contact us at our website today if neuromonitoring is something you think will help you.