In the realm of healthcare, particularly in San Antonio, the term “neuro monitoring” has become increasingly significant, and EPIOM stands as a pivotal contributor in this field. For nearly two decades, we have been the premier provider of IntraOperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM) in the area, a service essential to surgeries that involve the nervous system. Our dedication to this specialized field is not just about offering a service; it’s about ensuring the utmost safety and best outcomes for our patients.

Our approach to neuro monitoring is deeply rooted in our commitment to patient care. We understand that surgeries, especially those involving the brain and spinal cord, can be daunting for patients. Our role is to provide reassurance and safety, ensuring that the surgical team is immediately aware of any changes in neurological function. This real-time monitoring is crucial in guiding surgeons during critical moments, significantly reducing the risk of complications.

Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring

At EPIOM, our team is composed of board-certified clinical staff, all directed by experienced physicians. This high level of expertise underpins our state-of-the-art online remote monitoring service, where our neurologists, though not physically present in the operating room, provide invaluable insights and interpretations. This technology ensures that regardless of where the surgery takes place, expert neurological oversight is always available.

Covering a wide array of procedures, our services are designed to meet various surgical needs. From complex spinal operations to intricate brain surgeries, our neuro monitoring solutions offer better evaluation of cerebral functions. This not only enhances the ability to treat patients effectively but also provides better prognostic information post-surgery.

We believe in being patient-driven and cost-attentive. Access to top-tier medical services shouldn’t be a luxury, and at EPIOM, we strive to make our services both accessible and affordable. Additionally, we are dedicated to the continuous education of our staff, ensuring they remain at the forefront of neurophysiological monitoring advancements.

EPIOM’s role in neuro monitoring in San Antonio is a testament to our dedication to patient safety and surgical excellence. We are proud to offer services that contribute significantly to the well-being of our community, ensuring that patients undergoing surgery receive the best possible care. Browse our website today to learn more: