As a physician or a surgeon, your first priority is always your patient.  Just knowing that there is a surgery available to help solve a problem that they face isn’t enough.  Surgeons and doctors need to know that the outcome of that surgery will significantly improve the quality of their patient’s life.  For many individuals who are facing intracranial, spinal, and vascular problems that are partially or even completely debilitating, surgery can be frightening because there is an increased risk of neurological damage.  Studies have shown though, that with the use of IONM (Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring) there are significant improvements in surgeries, especially with neurological outcomes.  This is because the real-time monitoring provided by EPIOM increases surgical success, allowing the surgeon to operate safely with increased communication between the multidisciplinary team that is often necessary in these operations.

IONM San Antonio

The EPIOM team goes out of their way to work with physicians, surgical staff, and anesthesiologists to not only increase surgical success, but also provide amazing outcomes in patients.  At EPIOM, we put patients first by providing highly educated, well experienced, truly dedicated and passionate individuals as well as the most state-of-the-art technology to the hospitals and surgeons that we work with.

Our teams work alongside the surgical crew and anesthesiologists, to provide the highest chance of success in surgery.  Neuro monitoring in San Antonio by EPIOM allows for the most successful patient outcomes.  During procedures our team constantly monitors information that our neuro monitoring tests provide, allowing us to alert the surgeon, doctors, and nurses if there are any potential problems or changes.  We proudly provide the best equipment, staff, and care when it comes to neuro monitoring in San Antonio, contact us at our website today if you have questions or would like more information.