Anything can happen when performing surgery. As part of a surgical team, you’d like to reduce the chances for something going wrong as much as possible, and in the case of surgeries in which the patient’s nervous system may be affected, it is possible reduce the chances for complications with professional intraoperative neuro monitoring solutions from EPIOM.

San Antonio Neuro Monitoring

We at EPIOM provide leading intraoperative neuro monitoring solutions which aid surgeons in experiencing the best chances for the best outcomes. As a Joint Commission certified organization, we adhere to the highest standards of quality. Our team consists of highly skilled board certified and board eligible neurologists and monitoring technicians who are dedicated to the client and the client’s needs. We tailor our intraoperative neuro monitoring solutions to fit the needs of the surgical team and the patient, and our clients can rely on us for 24-hour around-the-clock support.

Our intraoperative neuro monitoring solutions provide comprehensive coverage for at-risk structures. If you want to enjoy greater peace of mind during and post-surgery, then take a closer look at how our professional services can make a measurable impact. You can learn more about our solutions when you browse through our EPIOM website, If you have any questions about our intraoperative neuro monitoring solutions or how we can help you, then please call us today or you can use the contact form found on our website.