In the world of surgery, particularly those involving the nervous system, IntraOperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM) has been a groundbreaking advancement. At EPIOM, we have been providing this essential service in the San Antonio area for nearly two decades, enhancing the safety of surgeries and improving patient outcomes.

San Antonio Neuro Monitoring

So, what exactly is IONM? It’s a technique used during surgeries to monitor the nervous system’s functions in real-time. This monitoring is crucial in surgeries that can potentially affect the brain, spinal cord, or nerves. Our IONM process helps to identify changes in brain, nerve, and spinal cord activity, alerting surgeons to potential issues as they happen. This real-time feedback allows surgeons to adjust their techniques, helping to prevent possible post-surgery complications and neurological deficits.

The benefits of IONM are significant, both for patients and surgeons. For patients, this means an added layer of safety during complex surgeries. It reduces the risk of surgery-related nerve damage, leading to a better recovery process and outcomes. For surgeons, IONM provides invaluable insights into the patient’s neurological status, aiding in more precise and safer surgical procedures.

At EPIOM, our team of board-certified clinical staff and physicians is dedicated to providing top-quality IONM services. We use state-of-the-art technology for online remote monitoring, which allows our board-certified neurologists to offer their expert interpretation from anywhere. This capability is not just about advanced technology but ensuring the highest patient safety standards.

Our commitment at EPIOM is patient-driven. We focus on making our IONM services accessible and cost-effective, without compromising quality. We also invest in the continual education of our staff, ensuring they stay current with the latest developments in neuro monitoring.

The implementation of IONM by EPIOM has played a vital role in enhancing surgical safety in San Antonio. We take pride in our contribution to better surgical outcomes and remain dedicated to offering our expertise for the well-being of each patient we serve. Learn more today at:

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