Neuro monitoring, also known as intraoperative neuro monitoring (IONM). It is a critical tool used by surgeons and hospitals to ensure the safety and well-being of patients during surgery. EPIOM, a neuro monitoring solutions provider based in San Antonio, offers a wide range of services to surgeons and hospitals in the area, tailoring their neuro monitoring strategies to the specific needs of each procedure and patient.

San Antonio Neuro Monitoring

IONM is a technique used to monitor the electrical activity of the brain and spinal cord during surgery. This allows surgeons to detect any potential damage to these vital structures in real-time, allowing them to make adjustments to the surgical procedure before any permanent damage occurs. This is particularly important in surgeries that involve the brain and spinal cord, such as spinal surgeries and brain tumor removals.

One of the main benefits of IONM is that it can help to reduce the risk of complications during surgery. By monitoring the electrical activity of the brain and spinal cord, surgeons can detect any potential issues early on and take action to prevent them from becoming more serious. This can help to improve the overall outcome of the surgery and reduce the risk of long-term complications for the patient.

At EPIOM, we understand the importance of neuro monitoring in surgery and are committed to providing the highest level of service to surgeons and hospitals in San Antonio. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to working closely with each patient and surgeon to develop a customized neuro monitoring strategy that will ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.  Contact us today for a consultation or browse our website for more information at: