If you or a loved one will undergo a procedure in which neural structures may be affected, then intraoperative neuro monitoring (IONM) can be utilized to help improve chances for the best surgical outcome. So, what can IONM patients in San Antonio expect?

IONM San Antonio

First, what is IONM and how does it work? Intraoperative neuro monitoring is used to evaluate the patient’s nervous system during the operation. Real-time data is provided to surgeons, who can then use this data to make the best decisions during the surgery. Before the operation, patients will be prepared by IONM technologists who will go over patient rights, the patient’s medical history, and go over a consent to treat document which will require the patient’s signature. From here, patients can expect sticky pad electrodes to be placed on the body, typically on the wrists and ankles, and once the patient is in the operating room, additional electrodes will be placed to complete the process. When the operation is finished, the technologists will take off the electrodes, and patients and expect virtually no pain from this process apart from the possibility of minimal skin irritation.

If you or a loved one will undergo a surgery in which your surgeon has assigned intraoperative neuro monitoring from EPIOM, then you can learn more about IONM and what you can expect by browsing through our EPIOM website, https://epiomneuro.com. If you have any questions about IONM, then please call us today or you can use the contact form found on our website.

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