EPIOM has been providing its services to surgeons and hospitals in the San Antonio area for almost two decades and prides itself on tailoring its neuro monitoring strategies to each individual procedure and patient. IONM, or intraoperative neuro monitoring, is the standard of care for any surgery where neural structures are at risk.

Intraoperative Neuro Monitoring

It is important to contact EPIOM for a consultation if you are looking for a reliable partner for your surgery. The team at EPIOM is highly qualified, experienced and certified to assist with these kinds of procedures and technologies. They offer top-of-the-line tech support and real-time training to make sure that their expert knowledge is used to its full advantage.

Neuromonitoring is done to detect any potential nerve damage during surgery by continuously evaluating the patient’s brainwaves, motor responses, and other nerve functions. This helps to detect any changes early on so that corrective steps can be taken to prevent further damage. The benefits of this type of monitoring are vast and include reduced risk of injury, improved surgical outcomes, and lower costs overall.

At EPIOM, they understand the importance of working closely with their specialist clinicians to ensure that the highest standards and practices are utilized. Their ability to customize each neuromonitoring strategy ensures that their clients reap maximum benefits and improved surgical outcomes. With their dedication, expertise and skills, it’s no wonder why EPIOM remains one of the leading neuromonitoring providers for two decades and counting.  Learn more by visiting https://epiomneuro.com.

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