For nearly two decades, EPIOM has been the premier neuromonitoring services provider in the San Antonio area, offering an unparalleled commitment to excellence in patient care. As a Joint Commission Certified organization, EPIOM focuses on providing reliable and safe services for their clients and patients. With their extensive experience in helping surgeons and hospitals tailor their neuro monitoring strategies for each individual procedure and patient, clients can be sure that they’re getting the very best care available.

Intraoperative Neuro Monitoring

EPIOM’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable monitoring starts from the very beginning of each partnership. Their team of experts works directly with clients and surgeons to discuss the specific monitoring requirements for each surgery and provide individual feedback on how to best implement them. This collaborative approach to developing a customized strategy for each patient helps ensure that patients receive optimal care—whether through EEG monitoring, or other techniques.

At EPIOM, safety and reliability are paramount, and we strive to provide their clients and patients with the very best services. As a Joint Commission Certified organization, EPIOM meets the highest standards for neuromonitoring services. With their extensive experience, EPIOM works directly with surgeons and hospitals to tailor their neuro monitoring strategies for each procedure and patient, providing maximum quality of care. Through their cutting-edge technologies and personalized approach to client care, EPIOM ensures that their services benefit both clients and patients alike.  Learn more today by browsing our website: